“The Gems in my Crown”

Now that the scales are off and you have this clarity, take time to decompress. After all, when you come out of the warzone (dealing with church shit and any other issues), you need to take a good look at where you stand.

However tattered and disheveled you feel, you made it through and are still standing, battletested and with the proper head gear! It is time to view your crown and recognize it took time, blood, sweat and tears to develop. Have you identified the sparkling gems of your crown?

Amid our chaos, we often forget that from dust we were formed and to dust we shall return! Our crown starts out from the soot of the earth and is transformed through the heat from the fire or trials as they occur in life. How it is transformed and how well we wear it, depends on how well we learn and recover in the process!

What is the significance of the crown and moreover, the gems on it? Since I call myself “Queen”, my daughters “Queens in training”, my husband a “King”, the women I associate with “Sistah Queens”, I began to give it some thought. My intention in calling myself “Queen” meant that I finally saw the peculiarity in myself. It meant that I belong to a community of royalty and that I have an innate responsibility to inform and encourage others.

By definition, a crown means headgear worn by a monarch as a symbol of sovereignty often made of precious metal and ornamented with valuable gems; conferred by the ancients as a mark of victory, athletic or military distinction worn by a person designated king or queen in a pageant contest or the distinction that comes from great achievement. Our crowns and gems mean so much more. I had to find the relation of the significance in the Word of God. Normally, this is where I say, “Google this shit!” but I’ll be specific. Scripture calls us ‘chosen’, ‘royal’ and ‘treasures’. See Deuteronomy 14:2 and I Peter 2:9-10.

I began to surmise that our crowns serve to identify our individuality as we are set apart, it allows us to connect to our tribe and to unite with like minds. My perception is while our primary gem is that which sets us apart, the surrounding gems represent our character and the peculiarity of the journey we live. The number of gems surrounding the primary one is revealed by the paths we walk and by what we experience in life. The size of the gem is determined by the length of time we take to learn and navigate through the difficulties we’ve experienced on our journey, by the number of times we stepped into the fiery furnace to define our gems, and the number of strategic victories we gained along the way. Yet, through it all, we have mercy and grace and through each trial, our gems begin to sparkle.

While no two crowns are the same, each contains intricate carvings of thorns keeping us humble because you can’t be prideful, it’s all about grace. Each peak of our crowns attest to our past, generations of scars shining only by the light within us, causing the enemies that besieged and encompassed us to be defeated by the goals we’ve reached in our lives each day – the victories. They represent the way we are in the world with descriptions of a life only we can speak on individually.

The valleys that ascend to the peaks represent the depths of our courage. These gems are small and brilliant and they sparkle the brightest because courage on any level takes practice. Victories are not without casualties or pain from loss. These gems replace what was pruned in order for us to grow. The gems that encompass the remainder of the crown represent discipline, determination, freedom and a perpetual quest to overcome each obstacle and setback we endure. Sooner or later we should learn to navigate through it without getting so messy.

When I look at my crown, I remember who I am and to whom I belong. I pray, I praise and I believe in the power of the scripture of the Most High that I speak confidently. If that’s too deep in the ocean, let me encourage you and make it plain with some words from the late great Dr. Maya Angelou –

“Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it.”

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