On The Other Side & Still UP

Beloveds, I’m on week 6 of purposely sharing my weekly gratitude journal and as usual, my majestic black ass has added a plot twist. Please chuckle out loud. So, last week I mentioned our third eye and how it can see supernaturally, regardless of the day-to-day flaws, and you are no longer avoiding the catastrophes …

He’s Got You FaReal🔥

Hey Now Beloveds, In case you missed the Let’s Be Blunt Podcast this past Monday, please click the link and enjoy. https://pod.co/impact-radio-usa/lets-be-blunt-with-the-rev-8-9-21 As always Beloveds, I love you to wholeness and something else too, I am truly Grateful for you all taking the time to read my posts.🤎🤎🤎 Lady Shannon

It Feels GOOD – Yeah!

Please chuckle out loud and understand, it’s a damn tightrope for me I tell you! I tend to let my actions show my feelings towards people more than I broadcast it because words are just smoke to me, they tend to evaporate after a while. Ya feel me?

My G-Journal

Hey Now Beloveds! Before I get into my first weekly gratitude journal, let me tell you that aside from thanking the Most High God 4 life - PeriodT - like it’s hard to see through the murkiness of Groundhog Day in this pandemic (STILL - get vaccinated already! We’ve been stuck with needles since birth …