Podomatic | “Chatting With The Whitneys” (2-11-19)

In case you missed the show Monday, please click on the link below and remember, "Chatting With The Whitneys" airs seven days a week at 6:00 pm EST, exclusively on Impact Radio USA. — Read on http://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/pwr/episodes/2019-02-13T07_26_47-08_00


Podomatic | “Chatting With The Whitneys” (2-4-19) Just in Case You Missed It 😍

B4LM was established in 2008. Our writing represents a renewed reality in respect to the Word of God by presenting familiar passages of scripture in hopes that readers are empowered to apply it to their lives and by Faith, receive the promises of God. We utilize a practical writing method that make our books familiar …